Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau

Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau: In the Middle of Nowhere

Video Audio
1. Opening WS of welcome to Durham sign Music fades in
2. Cut to CU of car smoking and slowing down


Song Lyrics: In the middle of nowhere

(singer: Dusty Springfield)

3. Jump to MS of boyfriend and girlfriend in the car Girlfriend: I hate this song
4. Camera follows boyfriend as he gets out to check the hood Boyfriend: Somethings wrong with the car
5. Cut to MD of girlfriend in car looking frustrated Song fades out

Girlfriend: You should have asked for directions

6. Jump shot to CU of car being towed
7. Cut to WS of couple holding luggage in front 21c museum hotel in downtown Durham Girlfriend: We’re never going to make it to the beach now
8. Cuts to Moving shot of couple walking down side walk of street Boyfriend: What are we going to do now?
9. Cut to Pan shot of group of people talking & laughing while pedaling a trolley
10. Cut to CU of couple looking at each other Couple: That looks fun!
11. Shot jumps to CU of couple on the trolley with a group of strangers pedaling back up the street Music starts playing again: In the middle of nowhere
12. Cut to CU of couple listening to music at the Beyu Café Girlfriend: I thought you didn’t like jazz music?
13. Cut to couple dancing at a party in the Motorco Music Hall Boyfriend: I though you didn’t like dancing?
14. Jump to Moving shot of couple back on the trolley taking selfies
15. Cut to shot of boyfriend buying a Duke t-shirt Boyfriend: Let’s go Duke
16. Jump to MD of girlfriend buying handcrafted items from local shop Girlfriend: This is so cute. I need to buy this
17. Cut to couple holding hands walking into Duke Gardens Girlfriend: Maybe we should get lost more often
18. Jump to CU of boyfriend’s phone: Your car is ready Music cuts off
19. Cut to couple looking up from phone at each other
20. Jump to couple back on trolley laughing with group again Music starts playing again

Boyfriend: I guess we can stay one more day

21. End graphic: WS of downtown skyline Voice Actor: Sometimes it’s okay to get lost. Visit us at www.durhamnc.com to plan your next trip





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