Telling the Right Story


A  My special interest in plastic surgery is primarily pediatric plastic surgery in addition to

craniofacial surgery.


A  It encompasses anything to do with the bony structure of the face or skull and also the soft tissue of the craniofacial skeleton.

Plastic surgery encompasses so many different things. You can operate from head to toe. You can operate on an older person as well as a baby. I sort of narrowed the scope of my interest, and I found that I was most passionate about and connected mostly with were the children.


There are all kinds of family dynamics and some children have better support systems than others. And we have a cleft palate foundation with an infrastructure that really helps social workers to get involved early on if the children need early intervention with speech or feeding or other kinds of services.


A  I think what makes me unique perhaps or my practice unique is that I’m 100 percent

dedicated to pediatric craniofacial surgery.


A   Instead of having a formal examination where they’re going to get quiet and not talk and get scared, we play. I noticed that very early on, even in my training, that the kids really related to me and were very relaxed around me versus a lot of my colleagues.


A  I very rarely see my patients in an exam room. I think it makes them nervous. And the

majority of my exams that I have to do, I can do with them sitting on my couch in my office, and

then they can play with their toys and their siblings can play with the toys while I speak to the

parents about the nuts and bolts of what we have to do going forward.


A  I think you develop a very intimate relationship with the patient more so, I think, than in many other surgical specialties because, at least in what I do, I meet most of my patients right after they’re born, and then I often take care of them until they’re teenagers and thereafter.


A  You know, I think one of the most satisfying things is not only seeing the effect that I can

have on the family as whole and the parents and bringing the baby out from the operating room

and having the parents hug me and cry and be thankful for the change that was made, but also

when the kids come back and they’re smiling and they’re not crying anymore. I think it’s just one of the most amazing things to transform a child’s life.



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