The Importance of a Good Script

  1. Doritos Crash the Super Bowl: Ultra Sound


1. Opening shot pans up to doctor
2. Shot cuts to close up of baby on the monitor There’s your beautiful baby
3. Cut to shot of expecting mother smiling
4. Cuts to wide shot of expecting father eating Doritos while his wife is staring at him Really, you’re eating Doritos?
5. Cut to mother, father and doctor in the same shot He’s eating Doritos
6. Cut to close up of father continuing to eat bag of Doritos At my ultrasound
7. Cut to close up of baby on the monitor following the direction of the Doritos Mother: You see what I have to deal with?

Doctor: I know

8. Cuts to shot of the doctor, baby and mother half of the father
9. Jump shot to the father moving the chip to see if the baby moves
10. Close up of doctor turning to father
11. Shot jumps to father continuing to move chip to follow the direction of the baby’s movement Father laughs
12. Cut to close up of baby mimicking the movement of the father
13. Cut to father laughing Father continues to laugh
14. Jump to wide shot of doctor and mother while she grabs the Doritos out of her husband’s hand Give me that
15. Cut to shot of doctor, mother and father from behind
16. Close up of the expecting mothers face when she throws the chip
17. Cut to close up of baby kicking its way out
18. Expecting mother starts to scream Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
19. Cut to doctor screaming Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
20. Jump to husband screaming Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
21. Cut to end graphic: Doritos for the Bold Crunch noise




2. Tropicana: Personal Trainer

 1. Opening shot of personal trainer taking food out of the fridge You have to make better choices Jane
2. Cut to shot of Jane holding a glass of orange juice while trainer places hands on hip from behind Farewell cookie dough ice cream
 3. Cut to close up of trainer What’s that you’re drinking
 4. Jump to off the shoulder shot of trainer and profile of Jane drinking juice Its Trop50 with calcium
 5. Cut to pan shot of items on counter
 6. Cut to overhead shot of juice being poured into glass It has a delicious new taste
 7. Cut to close up of juice being poured from the front And has fifty percent less calories
 8. Cut to close up of trainer drinking juice
 9. Jump to Trainer and Jane in the same shot With this taste, no way
 10. Close up of personal trainer Give me fifty squats
 11. Cut to Jane doing squats
 12. Cut to trainer looking down at the glass of juice It can taste this good
 13. Cut to Jane struggling to do the squats  Read the label
 14. Jump to close up of trainer holding jug of juice And have fifty percent less calories
 15. Jump to Jane continuing squats
 16. Cut to Jane snatching the juice out of the trainer’s hand Exactly
 17. Cut to trainer
 18. Jump to Jane holding juice Now you drop and give me the fifty
 19. Cut to end graphics New taste so good you won’t believe it has fifty percent less calories




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