The Perfect Pitch: Week 3

Guinness Pitch

He shoots and misses but the game must go on.

He dribbles left and moves right. The ball is passed to another teammate, who makes a smooth shot right down the middle.

The game is over but nobody cares who won.

Friendships are made up of more than just a basketball game on a court


What are you made of?


Under Armour Pitch 

A dancer starts practice by getting in position.

Chin up, chest out and stomach in.

Everyone thinks being a dancer is easy. From rehearsal to stage she trains every day.

The dancer then executes different ballet moves while multiplying into an army of herself.

From plie to pique to passé and pirouettes she trains.

The dancer returns to her normal self at the end.

Don’t just train. Train yourself.

Under Armour



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