Creative Choice

  1. Britney Spears: Curious

Britney Spears was featured in a 31 second commercial for her perfume “Curious”. The ad starts with Spears entering a hotel room at the same time as a young man that has a room next door. The two catch eyes for a second before entering their rooms. Spears then goes to the adjoining door between the rooms and she starts experiencing premonitions or flashes of the future with the young guy. Britney and the actor were standing at door at the same time going through the same moments. At the end of the commercial the two jump back from the door in surprise and the voice of Britney says “Do you dare?” The last shot displays a picture of a perfume bottle and the words “Curious Britney Spears” “A new fragrance”.

It’s important to note that there were no actual words spoken from Britney until the end of the commercial. The music starting to play at the beginning of the ad showcases the dramatic and intense feeling brought out. The flashes of the future Britney experiences only last from one to two seconds at the most. The flashes act as a prelude or introduction to the guy in the commercial she has never met before. The perfume was the focus of the commercial but it did contribute to the feelings associated with wearing the perfume.

Brand Positioning Statement

Dare to Be Curious


2. . J.C. Penney: Pass the Earrings


The J.C. Penney had “Pass the Earrings” was a part of its 2016 holiday campaign. The spot lasted a total of forty-two seconds and featured to female main characters. The first scene was set at a Christmas or holiday party. The premise of the ad is centered around a secret Santa giving her gift in unconventional way. Somehow the unsuspecting receiver does not know or realize that she has not only swallowed her gift but a pair of earrings as well. At the end the actor in red tries to stop women from swallowing the gift but it’s too late. The two characters proceed laugh and take a selfie wherein then J.C. Penney is finally revealed at the end.

While there were no actual speaking lines in this ad as well the audio I could hear, people talking as if they were off in the distance. The mumbling was set low as to not distract from the holiday music that was playing throughout the entire commercial. As in my first example music in commercials where logos are not easily identifiable play an important role in establishing the connection between the brand and customers. According to Forbes contributor, Steve Olenski “Specifically, using music to establish an emotional connection with a brand, increases brand recognition, creates excitement and buzz beyond the brand’s core products or services, and can empower consumers, giving them valuable content to discover and share” (Why Music Plays…, para. 9).

Brand Positioning Statement

Gift Giving Gone Wrong

3. Budweiser: Best Buds

Super Bowl commercials are always the favorite among consumers. They are sometimes the best produced throughout the year because millions of people are parked in front of their televisions to watch the big game. The “Best Buds” ad by Budweiser was a great example of a brand not using its logo to drive a specific product.

The first scene shows a puppy farm where one little puppy runs off from his or her group to meet up with a friend that happens to be a horse at a neighboring farm. The horse and the dog have a strong connection to one another so much that the puppy keeps running away to sit with the horse. Each time the dog runs away, he or she is taken back to the owner. One day the puppy finally gets adopted and is in route to leave the farm when a herd of horses stops the car from leaving. Then at the end the dog is seen walking back to the farm with all the horses he or she has made friends with. There is a common trend of not having any talking parts for the actors in the three commercials that were selected. The country style music in this ad connects to the audience Budweiser is trying to attract. Puppies and horses may not be relatable to Budweiser or beer but the commercial did its job in creating interest in the brand.

Brand Positioning Statement

Best Friends Forever


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